Ocon: “Super happy for the team”

Ocon: “Super happy for the team”

After five Grands Prix without scoring a single point, Alpine, thanks to Esteban Ocon, 10th, finally unlocked its counter this season on Sunday. A big relief for the young French driver, who hopes to have definitively launched his team’s season and that this first point will lead to others.

Finally ! Alpine has been waiting to unlock its counter since the start of the season. It’s finally done, after Esteban Ocon’s 10th place, Sunday during the Miami Grand Prix, 6th round of the season, which allowed the French team to score its first point. After crossing the finish line, the hero of the weekend at Alpine did not hide his relief at the microphone of Canal Plus. “I think we still lack performance, because we can’t keep up with the cars that were with us. And even Hulkenberg for a few laps, it would have been hot, but in any case, we managed to get this point (…) And it feels good to come away from a weekend with a reward. I’m super happy for the team” A weekend which obviously makes Ocon, already very close to rewarding Alpine in China during the last Grand Prix (Editor’s note: He finished 11th), want to relive many more of the same type. “We are progressing little by little, we are making small progress. We must not be satisfied with that, we must continue to push,” admitted the native of Evreux, still marked by the crazy race he had just experienced.

Ocon: “With Pierre (Gasly), it’s hot”

“The whole race was a crazy fight, from start to finish. The intensity level was at 110 percent. » Several times, the former European Formula 3 champion came close to clashing, in particular with his teammate and compatriot Pierre Gasly, with whom it was particularly very heated during the first laps of this GP which allowed Lando Norris to sign his first victory. “It was 110% the whole race, not just with Pierre (Gasly), specifies Ocon. With Fernando (Alonso) too, at the start, it was close to hitting in the 11-12 complex. With Pierre, it’s hot, because, obviously, I have this small deficit in a straight line since qualifying, so we shouldn’t normally find ourselves in this position. But everything ends well, we have the point for the team and that’s what matters. » Released but not yet delivered, Ocon and Alpine will try to do it again on May 19 in Emilia-Romagna.

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