Nelson Monfort was almost kicked out of Roland-Garros!

Nelson Monfort was almost kicked out of Roland-Garros!

Present for the last time at Roland-Garros, at least for France Télévisions, Nelson Monfort came very close to being thrown out by the organizers in the past.

A page turns at Roland-Garros. This edition is in fact Nelson Monfort’s last after nearly four decades at Porte d’Auteuil. At 71, the France Télévisions journalist is in fact caught up by the age limit and must resolve to retire at the end of the year. And for his last at Roland, the elegant polyglot should be entitled to a somewhat special tribute.

“I have a little surprise for him on the last day, the day of the final. You will see this before the final, announced Laurent Luyat before the start of the tournament. I found images from the time or from the famous interview with Michael Chang, when he says he thanks Luigi, while he thanks Lord Jesus. Nelson had understood that it was the pizza chef from Porte d’Auteuil. »

“15,000 people shouted my name”

However, it is not certain that Nelson Monfort will still be in Paris this weekend. France Télévisions is announcing it alongside Alexandre Pasteur at the European Athletics Championships which are taking place in Rome starting this Friday.

This last edition was overall calm for Nelson Monfort, without any notable false notes, which was not always the case. Beyond the mistakes sometimes made, the journalist has also been at the heart of some controversies. In 1996, he was even close to being excluded from the tournament.

« I had just entered Les Guignols in 1996. On the court, 15,000 people shouted my first name. The tournament management, very annoyed, wanted to kick me out. France Télévisions has always supported me. Afterwards, it calmed down.” he said in his book It’s your turn, Nelson!.

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