Nelson Monfort, the incredible turnaround?

Nelson Monfort, the incredible turnaround?

Despite his 71 years, Nelson Monfort seems determined to continue the adventure with France Télévisions.

Retirement time is approaching for Nelson Monfort. The emblematic journalist from France Télévisions has certainly obtained an exemption to continue the adventure until the end of the year in order to experience the Olympic Games in his traditional interviewer costume. And this despite his 71 years and a regulation logically preventing him from being a public service employee beyond the age of 70.

“Legally, I am obliged to retire as a salaried journalist at France Télévisions. It is therefore certain that from January 1, 2025, I will no longer be an employee”, he confided in an interview with Télé2weeks. However, Nelson Monfort obviously did not give up on France Télévisions afterwards. “But if we take the example of Stéphane Bern who does many things with talent for us, he is, to my knowledge, neither an employee nor a journalist for France Télévisions…”he indicated.

“I am very open for the future”

Nelson Monfort assures to this end that he is not thinking about his departure from France Télévisions. “I’m not in that perspective. I don’t want to put myself in this state of mind, because otherwise I will sink into a form of melancholy which is not at all in my character. I am very open to the future and I am lucky to have very good relations with the president Delphine Ernotte and Laurent-Eric Le Lay, the sports director of France Télévisions. SO… “, he further argued.

Accomplice of Nelson Monfort when it comes to skating, Philippe Candeloro had recently recorded the end of his story on France Télévisions. The former skater had also announced the writing of a show featuring the duo. “It will be complicated to keep Nelson, he whispered last fall, adding: “As soon as he finishes the Paris 2024 Olympics, he is fired from France Télévisions, and behind us we are investigating for 2024-2025. »

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