Nelson Monfort, the funny confession

Nelson Monfort, the funny confession

As the end of his career approaches, Nelson Monfort talks about his relationship with the public and his particular style. The France TV journalist admits that he sometimes caricatures himself, in private.

Roland-Garros, the Olympic Games, the Paralympics, without forgetting the Tour de France Femmes, where he will be the “mister heritage”. Nelson Monfort is preparing for a busy summer for what will be his last dance before leaving France Télévisions at the end of the year due to reaching the age limit (71).

The journalist is happy to be able to enjoy such a busy last year. “What makes me the happiest is the reception from the public, he confides in L’Equipe. Right now, thousands of people are telling me: “You really shouldn’t stop! » and it touches me a lot. But hey, it’s not me who decides… With this love from the viewers, I tell myself that deep down, it’s not going to stop like that suddenly, on December 31st. »

« Sometimes I even go overboard…”

Nelson Monfort agrees, he too has become a sports star, by constantly appearing on screen. To the point of becoming more famous than athletes? This statement bothers him a little. “It’s TV that does this, the mirage of the image, he said. That may be the case, but I never had that feeling. I know very well that I am loved by the general public because I had Carl Lewis, Usain Bolt, Rafael Nadal by my side…”

Nelson Monfort also knows that his style contributed to his fame and popularity. And if this could have generated caricatures, he prefers to have fun with it. “Yes, because it’s nice. Sometimes, I even go overboard… But not on the air, rather in front of a few friends or in shows where I’m asked to caricature myself. My distant American origins perhaps make me a fan of derision. »

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