Nelson Monfort balances on French players

Nelson Monfort balances on French players

His last Roland-Garros barely finished, the France Télévisions journalist was not very kind to the French players.

After nearly four decades officiating Porte d’Auteuil, Nelson Monfort covered his last Roland-Garros at the beginning of the month. At the end of the year, the emblematic France Télévisions journalist, caught up in the age limit, will indeed have to retire. For his last at Roland, the chief interviewer of France TV was also entitled to a farewell ceremony. “ For my last Roland-Garros tournament, in these circumstances, I was really served,” he appreciated.

Guest, Wednesday, in TPMP even in the summer, Nelson Monfort looked back on his 38 years of service on Parisian clay. The opportunity in particular to talk about his worst interview. “With certain tennis women, especially Russian tennis women, it was not always so easy. I will always remember an anecdote with the player Maria
who was a very great player »he began before explaining that the former world number one had wanted to promote a watch brand in the middle of an interview. “I do the interview with her and she tells me: ‘Wait, I need to put on my watch.’ We start the interview and I see that she starts to put her hand in front of her face. I find that there isn’t much spontaneity there. »

French players are just passing through

But Nelson Monfort was not kinder to the French players, who obviously have lessons in etiquette to take from Rafael Nadal. “We often do a survey of ball boys because there is a way of throwing in the towel carelessly or handing it out sympathetically. This poll is still very favorable to Rafael Nadal and I admit that unfortunately it is a little less favorable to French tennis players”, he said.

And the France TV journalist sent another tackle to the French players, this time concerning their level of play. “It’s perhaps the fact that the ball boys don’t have enough opportunity to meet them since it generally ends in the first or second round,” he said.

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