“Mr Portolano, hello”, discomfort on the TV set

“Mr Portolano, hello”, discomfort on the TV set

For the arrival of the Olympic flame in Marseille, this Wednesday, May 8, Marie Portolano received her husband Grégoire Ludig on the Télématin set and her co-presenter Thomas Sotto immediately tickled the comedian.

It was the little surprise of Telematinon France 2, Tuesday live from the Old Port, for the arrival of the Olympic flame on French soil, two and a half months before the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Under the Marseille sun, Marie Portolano and Thomas Sotto welcomed Grégoire Ludig, who is none other than the husband of the former presenter of Canal Football Club. The comedian and actor came to promote the new film in which he stars, The Coubertin spirit by Jérémie Sein, in theaters since Tuesday, May 8.

To break the ice, Thomas Sotto directly questioned Grégoire Ludig about his relationship with Marie Portolano. “As he is a man of taste, he is also in life Mr Portolano, Grégoire Ludig, hello and welcome to you…”launched the main presenter of Telematin. And to drive the point home: “I have a first question to ask you: ‘who looks after the children?’ ». Response from the 41-year-old father: “We don’t know, we forgot”.

Canal+, TMC then TF1. It was therefore by collaborating with the encrypted channel that this sports fan (his sketches on football and rugby demonstrate this) met Marie Portolano, who became his wife in 2019. The couple is expecting a second child this summer, which rules out moreover the presenter of the France Télévisions channel schedule during the Ile-de-France Olympics.

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