Mohamed Bouhafsi, the shocking news

Mohamed Bouhafsi, the shocking news

Former sports journalist formerly with RMC, Mohamed Bouhafsi learned this June 8, news that shocked him at the same time as his mother. He was named to the National Order of Merit.

By joining France Televisions Then RTL
after officiating on the sidelines of football fields for a decade, Mohamed Bouhafsi has reached a milestone. A figure now well known to the general public, the journalist is also involved with the National Convention of Child Protection Associations (CNAPE), of which he is the sponsor. For three years, it has organized a “Defenders of Childhood” tournament which allows each edition to more than two hundred children representing the different Ligue 1 clubs, to have an unforgettable time. An action which earned Mohamed Bouhafsi an honorary distinction.

On June 8, the Official Journal published the list of people promoted or named to the National Order of Merit. And among the lucky ones, the journalist had the great pleasure of finding his name there. Appointed to the great knighthood, Mohamed Bouhafsi could not resist posting a message on social networks to inform his followers. And obviously, the news upset him as much as his mother. “ That night I slept at my mom’s house. (…) This morning I got up to discover the Official Journal. (…) I showed this to my mom, she burst into tears. I shed my tear too.

“France has given me so much, I love it more than anything”

And the native of Oran (Algeria) continued in a vibrant tone: “ I am so moved and grateful to the Republic. France has given me so much, I love it more than anything. It’s a gift of life. I am a naturalized child proud of my Algerian origins. I grew up in Saint-Denis in a housing project. My childhood wasn’t easy, that’s life. You must always believe in yourself. » A beaten child, as he revealed in a book published in 2021, Mohamed Bouhafsi finally wanted to pay tribute to his loved ones.

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