Max Verstappen debunks the rumors

Max Verstappen debunks the rumors

In Mercedes’ sights to replace Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen took advantage of the press conference prior to the Austrian Grand Prix to try to reassure about his future with Red Bull Racing.

Max Verstappen is determined to put the rumors to bed. Recently, Mercedes CEO Ola Kallenius opened the door to the arrival of the three-time world champion, assuring that “the cards are reshuffled” and that “the salaries and bonuses offered would suit” the Dutch driver. Comments which come in addition to the reluctance on the part of Toto Wolff to confirm who would replace Lewis Hamilton alongside George Russell in 2025. If the hottest track leads to the young Italian nugget Andrea Kimi Antonelli, the The idea of ​​attracting Max Verstappen remains present, even if it means waiting until next November for a firm decision to be made.

On the eve of the first tests for the Austrian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen could not escape a question on the subject during a press conference. The driver of the Red Bull Racing team first spoke about the current situation, with McLaren which has significantly reduced its gap since the start of the season. “It’s obvious that there are people talking but the most important thing is that we have a competitive car in the future,” said Max Verstappen. At the moment the gaps are very tight but as a team we are working very well to improve our equipment. » Comments that he immediately confirmed, ensuring that the Austrian team is focusing on “the idea of ​​being very competitive again” in 2025.

Verstappen: “I am very happy where I am”

Under contract with the team based in Milton Keynes until 2028, Max Verstappen assured that leaving well before this deadline was not possible. “I’m not convinced that Formula 1 works that way, that is to say being able to suddenly say ‘Goodbye, guys,’ he said. It does not work like that. I have a long-term contract with the team. I am very happy where I am. » Returning again to Red Bull Racing’s efforts to stay at the forefront, Max Verstappen assured that he had clarified his future. “As I said before, we are also focusing on next year on what we can add to the car,” he insisted. So I think I’ve said enough about the team I’ll be driving for next year. »

Words which appeared sufficiently vague to maintain doubt about his intentions, to which the Dutchman responded more firmly. “We are already working on next year’s single-seater,” he repeats. I think that when you focus on this subject, it means that you will also drive for the team. » Will this slow down the approaches of Mercedes managers, who are visibly still holding in their throats the fact of not having been able to attract Max Verstappen a decade ago due to a lack of available space in F1? Nothing is less sure…

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