Matthieu Lartot relives his nightmare

Matthieu Lartot relives his nightmare

In full promotion for his book “We don’t amputate the heart”, Matthieu Lartot remembered his first appearance on the set of Stade 2.

An emblematic figure in the France Télévisions sports department, Matthieu Lartot has made great strides in public service. The journalist was in fact only 23 years old when he commented on his first rugby match during a 6 Nations Tournament match in the winter of 2003, and not even 30 years old when he became the voice of rugby by commenting on the XV of France.

Arriving as a trainee in 2000, he was part of the adventure at the Sydney Games and was quickly entitled to Stage 2 honors. A painful memory to say the least for the journalist. “I had a big bug. Christian Prudhomme, who is now the boss of the Tour de France, was the presenter and sent me a report on the Mediterranean Tour and I did a story around Laurent Jalabert.he remembered on the sofa of Salon VIP, on beIN Sports.

“It seemed like an eternity”

“Bicycling is absolutely not my domain and Christian Prudhomme, who presents the show, cycling is his life. I had arrived on set with things to say, I had worked on my thing and it turns out that Christian, before giving me his hand, said exactly everything I had planned to say on set. So when he gave me his hand, I found myself helpless.”he continued in front of Claire Arnoux.

“Okay, first plateau at Stage 2, 21 years old… I had a bug. You can obviously feel it, it seemed like an eternity to me even though it only lasted two or three seconds. We will say that it passes, he put it into perspective. But it was one of the rare times I found myself lost. »

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