Marion Rousse has quite an eye

Marion Rousse has quite an eye

Marion Rousse confirmed in a sequence posted on social networks her unparalleled talent for recognizing runners.

If most consultants wait until they retire from sport to officiate behind the microphones, Marion Rousse was only 22 years old when Eurosport asked her to shed her light on the 2013 Vuelta. The former French champion took such a liking to it that She would quickly decide to end her career. Two years later, the Northerner joined France Télévisions to comment on the Tour de France alongside Alexandre Pasteur and Laurent Jalabert.

Very quickly, Marion Rousse established herself as one of the faces that matter and the one who feared being seen as « to service blondes » totally convinced the public. And even more than his analyses, it is his ability to identify the riders on the screen, within a breakaway or the peloton that impresses.

Marion Rousse is “too strong”

The director of the Tour de France Femmes provided a new illustration of this by taking part in a game on social networks in the company of Christian Prudhomme. Their mission? Recognize female runners from photos taken at the start of their career or in their childhood. And the verdict was final. If the director of the Tour de France tried to deceive, Marion Rousse gave a series of good answers, only trying twice for Juliette Labous.

“She’s too strong”, could well say his interlocutor. Christian Prudhomme was probably not surprised. “Marion has an exceptional eye, she recognizes runners at a disconcerting speed,” he confided last summer to VSDAlexandre Pasteur being equally impressed: “On a helicopter view from 200 meters, she is able to identify the first ten of the peloton. » So children’s faces…

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