Marion Rousse, a page turns

Marion Rousse, a page turns

As the month of April ends, Marion Rousse took stock of her last weeks and her current affairs, which are busier than ever.

She is one of the sports figures on France Televisions. Having become an essential media character, Marion Rousse is not only the consultant of the public audiovisual company, but she also occupies the position of director of the Tour de France Femmes, when she is not taking care of her little Nino , fruit of her love affair with Julian Alaphilippe. So many activities – and much more – that kept her busy during the month of April. She also made a short illustrated summary.

Still very active on her social networks, Marion Rousse decided that it was time to take stock of the twenty-nine days that have already passed in April. The French road cycling champion in 2012 published some photos recounting her last weeks. First with two photos where she appears in gala attire, probably taken during the presentation of the Tour de France Femmes 2024 near Rotterdam (Netherlands). A photo of her also on her bike, during one of her many outings on the roads.

Big program

Obviously, Julian Alaphilippe and Nino are also there, in two tender photos between father and son. A more enigmatic photo where Marion Rousse appears with a clap. New season of the series Netflix for which she had already lent her voice to tell the story behind the scenes of the last Tour de France? Then another shot showing her with a headset on her head, a way of saying that she had taken over the comments on numerous races and Classics broadcast throughout the month of April on France TV.

And finally a last shot where the young woman is sitting on a chair, surrounded by well-known faces. On a terrace overlooking Paris, the journalist Matthieu Lartot, the former rugby player Vincent Clerc, and the former pool star, Camille Lacourt, all work colleagues of the mother, appear alongside her. After this busy month of April, Marion Rousse should not let up in the coming weeks.

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