Marie Portolano, the new shocking documentary that has an impact

Marie Portolano, the new shocking documentary that has an impact

“Not so white blouses”, a documentary directed by Marie Portolano and Grégoire Huet, was broadcast on Sunday evening on M6. The audience was above the usual average.

Three years later ” I’m not a bitch, I’m a journalist », Marie Portolano looked at another controversial subject. In ” Not so white blouses », the former journalist from the sports department of Canal+ this time addressed gender-based and sexual violence in the medical environment. Produced in collaboration with his colleague Grégoire Huet, this documentary was broadcast for the first time Sunday evening, on M6, in the second part of the evening (11:10 p.m.). The viewers were there.

According to figures published by Médiamétrie the day after the broadcast, “ Not so white blouses » attracted 843,000 viewers, or 12.5% ​​of the public and 23.2% of female purchasing managers aged under 50. A result above the usual average for the channel’s time slot since at this time, the show ” Exclusive inquiry » which usually occupies the Sunday evening slot in the second half of the evening, has been attracting 797,000 viewers since the start of the season.

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However, M6 already did much better on September 24 with 1.15 million viewers (13.1% of the public) during the broadcast of “ A silence so loud “. Whatever the case, it is still a new audience success for Marie Portolano who continues to surf on the subjects where she denounces the abuse committed against women in different circles. For this latest documentary, the former colleague of Pierre Ménès and Hervé Mathoux interviewed many women working in the hospital environment.

Whether from anonymous people to more well-known personalities, such as the former Minister of Health, Agnès Buzyn, or Marine Ltemporel, former Miss France (2013) now a general practitioner and columnist on Marie Portolano’s show, ” Telematin », Many women therefore testified and gave their point of view. As for Marie Portolano, no return to sport planned for immediately since she announced that she was pregnant on March 12, which will prevent her from being on the field during the Paris 2024 Olympic Games broadcast by France Televisions.

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