Marie Portolano, the new shocking confessions

Marie Portolano, the new shocking confessions

Former sports journalist on Canal+, Marie Portolano looks back on some painful moments in her career, which she addresses in her book entitled “I am the woman on the set”.

Three years after the broadcast of his shocking documentary I’m not a bitch, I’m a journalistMarie Portolano returns to the forefront, this time with the book I’m the woman on set, released March 13. The opportunity for the former Canal+ journalist, who now presents Telematin with Thomas Sotto on France 2, to clarify the message she wanted to send, parasitized by what quickly became “the Pierre Ménès affair”.

“When the documentary came out, it caused a crazy media waveshe explains in an interview with the media Simone. Ultimately, everyone hid behind a single example and the system refused to question itself. So I was like, ‘No, that’s not what I meant.’ The system must be completely deconstructed. Once the system is deconstructed, individuals will be able to question themselves. »

“You have an ass, we would be good in it”

If she specifies that she is not “in combat against men”, it is still some of them who put him through difficult, even traumatic, moments. The host, who recently revealed that she had been sexually assaulted at the age of 17, looks back on several notable episodes in her career, such as the day when her editor-in-chief passed her in a corridor and said: “Hey, you have an ass, we would be good in it. »

One example among many, she says: “We received sentences that were difficult to hear, like: ‘You’re already here because you’re a woman, so you stole our work!’ And then, obviously, all the sexual allusions, like: ‘Ah no, but if she managed to get this interview, it’s because she must have sucked it’. » Hurtful remarks which, for a long time, made him feel “the syndrome of the stupid presenter on a television set”.

Smurfette syndrome

“I always wanted to be a sports journalist. When I started, I quickly became disillusioned, she admits. I realized several times that in fact, I had not been hired for my skills, but rather for what I could represent on the air. The only thing they need is a wife. » For Marie Portolano, in the eyes of certain channel bosses, “a TV presenter is necessarily stupid, until proven otherwise”.

“Sports journalists suffer from Smurfette syndrome, and besides, it posed a problem in the sorority, I think, since the system made us believe so much, explained that we were unique and that we could only be unique, that we each clung to our place, she continues. One day, I was even told: ‘The woman on set, we’re stopping, it’s not working, it’s not working’. In fact, I’m none other than the woman on set. »

His glasses Canal Football Club

But the 38-year-old presenter admits through an anecdote, she participated in this system. “Because I accepted these codes. When I was asked to be well dressed, well made up and well done, I said: ‘Yes of course, there’s no problem, I will be’she admits. People were very focused on what I looked like. I had a lot of debriefs about my outfits, my look, and sometimes it became more important than what I was saying. »

And to continue with a memory of his time at Canal Football Club: “I wore glasses on a sports show. I was in TT, in trending topics (trending topics on Twitter, editor’s note), people only talked to me about my glasses and the messages were only of a sexual nature. And what’s terrible about this story is that the messages made me happy. I said to myself: ‘But that’s it, finally, people are talking to me, finally I exist on this set!’ »

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