Margotton treats herself to Lizarazu and swings at Dugarry

Margotton treats herself to Lizarazu and swings at Dugarry

Grégoire Margotton told anecdotes about his relationships with Bixente Lizararu and Christophe Dugarry.

After twenty-four years at the microphone of Canal+, Grégoire Margotton joined TF1 in 2016. The 54-year-old journalist replaced Christian Jeanpierre in the comments on matches of the French football team, but also in the presentation of the show Sunday Téléfoot. Now inseparable from his friend Bixente Lizarazu, with whom the relationship has been going well for eight years, Margotton returned to his relationship with the world champion

“Already being in tune on a human level (with your consultant, editor’s note), that we get along more rather than less well, it’s important. We’re going to spend a good month together (during the Euro, editor’s note), work together, eat together, travel together, comment together, if we don’t get along at all it’s impossible I think.”confided Margotton during an interview given to the show “It speaks football”.

“Dugarry, every match I didn’t know if he would be there or not”

“An anecdote with Bixente Lizarazu? There are plenty of them… But there is one that happens almost before every match and that makes me die of laughter, does he have tell. This idiot, an hour and a half before the match, when he tries to make his team composition, he has his blank sheet and he writes the names like a schoolboy… And then the lineup arrives an hour before and we have to make two changes (he imitates Lizarazu moaning). He crumples up his paper, makes a ball of it and throws it around (laughs). Then he redoes his composition, grumbling. It makes me laugh a lot. »

Grégoire Margotton then returned to his duo with Christophe Dugarry on Canal+, delivering a tasty anecdote about the former OM striker. “ I also think about Christophe Dugarry… Christophe was something else (laughs), he said. At each match I didn’t know if he would be there or not, that’s it. A bit like Laurent Paganelli. »

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