M6, Dugarry responds to the scandal!

M6, Dugarry responds to the scandal!

Christophe Dugarry responded to his critics following his comments on M6 during the quarter-final between France and Portugal.

Les Bleus have been inundated with criticism since the start of the Euro. Although France is in the semi-finals, where a major clash against Spain awaits them, the quality of their play leaves much to be desired. Enough to earn them some harsh comments. And while on TF1, Bixente Lizarazu generally manages to ignore it, it is quite different for Christophe Dugarry on M6.

On Friday, while officiating as commentator for the quarter-final between France and Portugal, the former Bordeaux player did not spare the Blues, nor, obviously, Didier Deschamps.
“I dare to hope that one day we will have an enticing game, a spectacular game, a game of players who project themselves, who want to score one more goal than the opponent.he breathed. I still believe in it, perhaps stubbornly and ridiculously, well… It doesn’t matter, ridicule doesn’t kill.”

Above all, the 98 world champion seemed much more excited by the Portuguese’s play, which was not very exciting. Enough to earn him severe criticism, to which he responded on RMC on Monday. “I think there are two opposing visions of football. Those for whom the result is more important than anything else. And others who defend a vision of football that is that of pleasure and the ‘beautiful game’ that they prefer and love.”he explained.

“I want to have fun, I want to see a good match”

“I think we shouldn’t pit one against the other. I recently received criticism because I was accused of being too much of a supporter of Portugal during the match against France. OK, why not, people may have felt that way. And I want to tell them that my job is not to be a supporter, it’s to convey emotions,” he continued, adding: “Because it’s all about pleasure and emotions. But pleasure and emotions are different for everyone. For me, the emotion and pleasure I get from football is seeing the game, seeing initiatives, seeing rhythm, seeing intensity. It’s my vision of football with the added technique that comes into it. We often talk about emotion in football, I defend what gives me emotion and what makes me happy.”

“I go to a game or I watch a game telling myself that I want to enjoy myself, I want to have fun, I want to see a great game. It turns out that if the team I have more affinity for is excellent and also wins the game then my hair stands on end, he further stressed. On the other hand, going to see a match that is lousy, where I am bored and at the end my team wins 1-0 on a really lousy goal or an own goal, I can’t enjoy it. I don’t like it, it’s not my sensitivity.”

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