Luyat, after the surprise dismissal, serious health concerns!

Luyat, after the surprise dismissal, serious health concerns!

An emblematic face of the sports department for many years, Laurent Luyat benefited from a new helping hand from destiny in view of the Paris Games.

Laurent Luyat is preparing to experience a particularly busy summer. Because after the Tour de France, during which he will notably present Vélo-Club, the Isérois will continue with the Paris Olympic Games, which will occupy the France Télévisions antennas 24 hours a day or almost. The former Stade 2 presenter will also be particularly present on the air.

Because as anticipated since the officialization of Michel Drucker’s withdrawal due to his health problems, Laurent Luyat, who will be on set every day from 6:30 p.m. to 11 p.m., will in fact also officiate immediately alongside Léa Salamé at the helm. “Quelle Jeux”, the talk show which will close each day of the Olympic fortnight on France 2. If France Télévisions has not yet communicated in detail its plan for the Olympics, Michel Drucker himself recently revealed at the microphone of Europe 1 the identity of his replacement.

On the front line thanks to the dismissal of Pierre Sled

Affected, like all journalists in the sports department, by the decision of the management of France Télévisions to entrust the presentation of the flagship broadcast of the Olympic Games to Léa Salamé, Laurent Luyat was ultimately saved by the failing health of Michel Drucker. And this is not the first time that the Grenoble native has directly benefited from the misfortunes of a colleague… During the Sydney Games in 2000, he was in the spotlight thanks to the dismissal of Pierre Sled.

“Patrick Chêne, director of the Sports department at that time, selected me for the Sydney Olympics. He decided in January that I was going to be one of the three presenters, with Gérard Holtz and Pierre Sled. It was planned that I would take care of the time corresponding to the night in France (from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m.). Then Charles Biétry replaced Patrick Chêne and he chose to part ways with Pierre Sled. And in June, Gérard Holtz agreed to present the 1 p.m. news on France 2 at the start of the school year. he explained this winter, adding: “So only me was left to do sixteen hours of air time! Finally, Christophe Josse entered the service and we presented the Olympics for two. We each worked eight hours a day, alternating in four-hour periods. So I started directly at the Olympics, but it was not planned that I would take care of the flagship sections. »

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