Ligue 1: How much does VAR cost?

Ligue 1: How much does VAR cost?

At a time when Ligue 1’s revenue is no longer guaranteed, the cost of tools such as video assistance refereeing (VAR) inevitably raises questions.

Often the subject of controversy in its appeal Ligue 1is VAR, or video assistance to referees, under threat? President of Stade de Reims and the L1 college in the Professional Football League (LFP), Jean-Pierre Caillot threw a spanner in the works on the subject these days in an interview given to L’Equipe.

In front of TV rights uncertainty over the period 2024-2029 – and while the LFP is working to hastily ratify an agreement with a scope well below everyone’s expectations (some 500 million euros compared to 700 to 800 initially expected for exploitation rights in France alone) – savings plans are to be considered according to the Champagne boss.

€4.9 million in arbitration assistance

« VAR costs a lot of money. Should we continue it? ” asks Jean-Pierre Caillot. Each season, video assistance costs the LFP and the elite clubs 3.4 million euros. Not counting Goal Line Technology, which alone costs 1.5 million euros. That’s 4.9 million euros in total to help Ligue 1 referees officiate.

However, this is not the only lever to activate to limit the damage in the eyes of the president of Stade de Reims. We give large sums of money to many other families – players, coaches, unions…he emphasizes. We are always criticized, but we pay a lot of contributions. At some point, everyone has to tighten their belts. It is not just the clubs and the presidents who will have to take responsibility. Clubs with traditional capital no longer have the means to support all that. We also have an agreement with the Federation. We may need to discuss it again. What was planned with a certain budget cannot be the same today. »

The FFF also benefits from it

Every year, at least 14.2 million euros are taken from TV rights to support the actions of the FFF. Far too much according to Jean-Pierre Caillot, and no longer in line with the announced revenues. If the figures were to be those presented in the press, this would require a certain number of revisions. On the other hand, I do not believe that reviewing the agreements between the League and the FFF is a good idea. On the one hand, because the Federation subdelegates the professional Championship to the League, and therefore exercises a form of authority over French football. And on the other hand, because this financial agreement with a floor of 14 million would not, in any case, meet the needs of professional clubs. “, already anticipates the boss of the FFF Philippe Diallo.

The UNFP, the players’ union, currently collects 1.09% of TV rights. That is between 5 and 10 million euros per year in recent years. “, specifies L’Equipe. A windfall that the college of presidents of Ligue 1 could also want to renegotiate in view of the troubled economic situation of French professional football. The extent of the damage, in short, is not yet known. But the outlook is certainly not the most encouraging.

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