Hamilton, the incredible revelation

Lewis Hamilton pushed out!

In difficulty since the start of the year and leaving for Ferrarri next year, Lewis Hamilton would do well to leave Mercedes now to avoid embarking on a difficult season. In any case, this is the opinion of British journalist Jonathan McEvoy.

What if Lewis Hamilton said stop? This is the advice given by journalist Jonathan McEvoywho recommends to his compatriot to treat himself to a little break this year, because he has nothing good to hope for with Mercedes.

After a 7th place, a 9th place and a retirement, Hamilton is in 10th place in the drivers’ standings after three races. The seven-time world champion is not ridiculous, of course, but he is far from showing his best form. And McEvoy believes that at 39, after 18 seasons, a little rest wouldn’t hurt before tackling the last big challenge of his career at Ferrari next year.

An exchange with Sainz?

After all, Hamilton doesn’t have anything very good to hope for from this season. The Red Bulls are much better, the Ferraris can win too, as we saw in Australia. On the Mercedes side, we will logically favor George Russell, who represents the future of the team, and who is no slower than Hamilton since the start of the season. And the more the year progresses, the more Hamilton will be kept away from technical discussions, in anticipation of his departure in 2025.

If Hamilton left Mercedes now, everyone could even move on now. And Hamilton could work on his future car with the Scuderia technicians. Renowned British journalist, who has followed Hamilton’s career since its beginnings, Jonathan McEvoy even imagines a possible exchange of seats between Hamilton and Carlos Sainz, who is at the end of his contract with Ferrari. An idea to explore?

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