Lewis Hamilton in shock

Lewis Hamilton in shock

Find the reactions of the drivers at the end of the qualifying session of the British Grand Prix, dominated by George Russell ahead of Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris.

George Russell (GBR/Mercedes) –
Pole position

“What an emotion! At the start of the season, we couldn’t have even dreamed of being on pole position and here we are on the front row with Lewis Hamilton. The car is so good at the moment and it came to life in qualifying. We are in a very good period at the moment, but we are focusing on tomorrow (Sunday) because we have a race to win and it will be close with Lando Norris and Max Verstappen.”

Lewis Hamilton (GBR/Mercedes) –

“Three Brits in the top three is incredible. Big congratulations to George Russell, he did a superb job. We didn’t expect to be on the front row this weekend, it’s huge for the team. The car was fantastic, the whole team deserves it. The car was really good, I was able to put it in the right window when it needed to be. In the end, there was still a bit of time to gain on my side because George Russell managed to do it. But I’m confident for the race with the car we have. With these conditions, we’ll be able to work together to keep Lando Norris behind us.”

Lando Norris (GBR/McLaren) –

“George Russell and Lewis Hamilton put in some good laps and did a really good job. I made a little mistake at the end but third is not so bad. It’s probably going to rain tomorrow (Sunday), it’s going to be a good race. We’re fast and I know I can fight George Russell and Lewis Hamilton. Hopefully there will be some good battles and I’m looking forward to it.”

Max Verstappen (PBS/Red Bull
Racing) – 4eme

“Q1 was very unlucky. I came out of Turn 7 heading towards Copse and it started to rain. Naturally I tried to keep the speed. I slowed down knowing it was raining on my visor. But I lost the car and had to try not to hit the wall and go off the line. I had to drive in the gravel which ripped the floor out. I broke quite a few things on the car, although the team did a good job trying to salvage some parts and trying to optimise the balance. I was happy to be in Q3 with the damage we had, and fourth is probably a nice surprise. I would like to be in the running for the race. First of all, I need a new floor, that would help. Then, I hope it will be an exciting race because we will be a bit more on the attack since we are not starting first or second. But with the drivers around me, we’re all very close in terms of pace. I think McLaren are always very quick in the race, because they look after their tyres. But hopefully we can be in the mix and make it difficult for those three.”

Oscar Piastri (AUS/McLaren) – 5th

“I felt pretty good throughout the session. The car was handling well, I was pretty confident in it, but we messed up at the end on the last lap with the traffic and the pit exit. My last lap wasn’t really a lap. It’s a shame but it could be an interesting race and we could score some big points. I think Mercedes are very quick, obviously they’ve just monopolised the front row so their car can’t be bad. We’ll have some good cars around us but we’re in a good position and I think we can take advantage of any opportunity that comes our way.”

Charles Leclerc (MCO/Ferrari) –

“As soon as we put the new tires on, I struggled a lot with the balance, and we’re just not fast enough. We’ll see what’s going on again, but the last few races haven’t been great. Starting eleventh, we have to hope for a race that’s not completely normal to get back in front. The performance so far hasn’t been good, we’ve changed the configuration several times since the start of the weekend, we’ve gone back to an old one and we’ll see if it pays off tomorrow (Sunday).”

Esteban Ocon (FRA/Alpine) –

“On the system, it said that I had taken the checkered flag, when I was sure that I had not taken it and that I had passed afterwards. I asked the team three times but they confirmed that we had passed it and that the session was over for us. I was going much faster, because sector 1 was wet when I did my lap. It was okay for us today (Saturday), but we completely messed up the whole session. It’s embarrassing for us. We will have to recover the positions tomorrow (Sunday) but it’s disappointing, very disappointing. We were better on a dry track than on a wet track, where we had difficulties during the third free practice session. The conditions were a little more favourable for us in this qualifying session. We will have to see what we decide to do. We also don’t have the right settings if it stays dry because we had based ourselves on settings for the rain. The whole day was chaotic.”

Sergio Pérez (MEX/Red Bull
Racing) – 19eme

“It’s very frustrating, I let my whole team down. I was one of the first to go on slicks, I didn’t know what temperature I should put in them. Coming into Turn 9, when I downshifted, the rear axle locked up and it took me out. It was wet and I tried to keep it in line but I lost the car. I was trying to get out, but once you’re in the gravel it’s hard to do anything. It’s frustrating and it hurts to let the team down. Especially because we had a very good weekend and we couldn’t show all our pace. It’s disappointing. I’m fully focused on my job. I know where I can be, yesterday we had a very positive day, things were going in the right direction. I know where I can be, yesterday we had a very positive day, things were going in the right direction, so yeah, head down and it’s a matter of time before we turn it around.”

Pierre Gasly (FRA/Alpine) – 20th

“Today (Saturday), we didn’t even try since we’ll start last tomorrow (Sunday). The priority was to get the other car through to Q2. There was no point in me trying to get through and potentially push the other car back. It wouldn’t have changed anything even if I would have liked to drive a bit more. Our weekend starts tomorrow (Sunday) and that’s what we’re going to have to optimise. We’ll have to see the conditions, we can see that again today. On this track, we have a bit more trouble than on others, but we know that as soon as it rains, anything can happen and there’s a chance of rain at the start. We’ll have to be ready because we can see that it’s extremely easy to make mistakes. There will be opportunities to go and we’ll try to come back.”

Sources: official interviews Formula 1, Canal+, Sky Sports

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