Léa Salamé, the disturbing SMS

Léa Salamé, the disturbing SMS

While her companion Raphaël Glucksman is campaigning for the Europeans, Léa Salamé, who will present a highly anticipated daily during the Olympic Games, was targeted by one of her colleagues.

Léa Salamé was resting this weekend. Consequence of Eurovision, which was held this Saturday evening and forced “What an Era” to relax. A welcome break for Léa Salamé, who must expect a particularly busy summer. The star presenter of France Télévisions will indeed be on the air every evening alongside Laurent Luyat to present “What games! », an American-style talk show which will close each day of the Olympics on France 2.

Companion of Léa Salamé, Raphaël Glucksmann is not to be outdone. The essayist and politician is in fact in the middle of a campaign for Europeans. And by his own admission, the MEP, designated as head of the PS list, has not been easy to get along with in recent weeks. This is evidenced by the confidence recently made to the comedian Philippe Caverivière on the Yves Calvi set, on RTL.

Met in 2015 on the ONPC set

The one who officiates alongside Léa Salamé in the show “Quelle Epoque” did not really think he was speaking so well when he pretended to receive a text message from “his boss” saying: “ Since he has been in the campaign, he has been unbearable. Smash it! » ” It’s true “, replied Raphaël Glucksmann with a nervous laugh. The politician and the journalist have shared their lives since 2015 and their meeting on the set of “We are not in bed”presented by Laurent Ruquier.

The comedian didn’t stop there. “ Contrary to what is said Christophe Dechavanneshe is funny, she is sensitive, she is generous…», he said about Léa Salamé after noting that Raphaël Glucksmann did not hesitate to come on a morning show competing with this one presented by his partner: “So you are unfaithful to him. Socialist and infidel, you are truly the new François Hollande. »

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