Léa Salamé, alcohol and big controversy at France Télévisions.

Léa Salamé, the big controversy continues!

Léa Salamé’s comments on the subject of alcohol continue to provoke reactions. As evidenced by Gad Elmaleh’s recent sally on this subject.

Léa Salamé has clearly not heard the last of this story. At the end of April, while she was hosting Artus on the set of “Quelle époque”, the star presenter of France Télévisions, who will be one of the emblematic faces of the public service during the Olympic Games, made comments about alcohol that sparked very strong reactions.

While the comedian confided in her that he had stopped drinking, the Beirut native had in fact responded: “Ah, so you’ve become annoying?” This caused a real storm and forced Léa Salamé to issue a formal apology the following weekend. And two months later, the journalist’s comments are still causing a reaction.

“Contrary to what Léa Salamé thinks”

« I can really be happy without alcohol, contrary to what Léa Salamé thinks, whom I salute, he recently launched on the set of C à vous. She told me that too, but it’s not just Léa who thinks that. I think it’s a cliché, that everyone thinks that when you stop drinking, you stop having fun, you stop doing anything. It’s not true, for me, it’s a new life that I love and that allows me to be fully in energy, in joy.

“It’s not an ascetic life. On the contrary, I have a lot of joy without alcohol, a lot of joy, he continued. Besides, I go where there is joy. Because before, I partied without joy, that’s what alcohol brought you, that’s why you often look a little sad.”

The comedian also spoke about his special relationship with wine since he stopped drinking alcohol. “I don’t criticize and I don’t judge. I think wine is so good, it’s so great, I loved it, I love wine, I respect wine, I smell wine but I don’t drink it,” he said.

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