Léa Salamé planted by Fabio Quartararo live

Léa Salamé planted by Fabio Quartararo live

Léa Salamé; the star presenter of France Télévisions, knows what to expect during the Olympic Games: the live broadcast can hold unpleasant surprises.

Before the start of Roland-Garros, which will mark the start of a summer dedicated to sport on Sunday, France Télévisions rolled out the red carpet for the Cannes Film Festival. Saturday, like C to you on France 5, What era was thus live from La Croisette for a program focused on cinema, but not only.

Among the guests was also Fabio Quartararo, the MotoGP rider. “He is the world star of motorcycle Grand Prix. He is the first Frenchman to become MotoGP world champion. He has two million fans on Instagram and luckily he’s from the region. We also present to you this evening the phenomenon Fabio Quartararo »launched Léa Salamé at the start of the show.

Léa Salamé zapped by Fabio Quartararo

Problem for the star presenter of What era, the Nice native never came, leaving Léa Salamé in the lurch. No explanation was given during the program and his absence was not mentioned on social networks either by the person concerned or by the France Télévisions journalist.

Léa Salamé has severely experienced the hazards of live broadcasting. Usually the show What era is in fact recorded the day before its broadcast, which was not the case in Cannes. And it will be the same this summer for What Games!, the show that she will present every evening alongside Laurent Luyat. The latter also mentioned this American-style late show on the airwaves of Europe 1.

“With Léa, we’re going to let go. It’s really the end of the day, we’re after 16 hours of live broadcast. We will welcome all the medalists and all the people who love the Olympic Games. It will be live for almost two hours. There will be happenings”announced the Grenoblois.

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