Léa Salamé, alcohol and big controversy at France Télévisions.

Léa Salamé, alcohol and big controversy at France Télévisions.

The France Télévisions presenter, who will be at the helm of Quel Jeux this summer with Laurent Luyat, sparked a heated controversy by responding to Arthus about her quitting alcohol.

It’s now official: Laurent Luyat will replace Michel Drucker alongside Léa Salamé in the presentation of Quel Jeux, one of France Télévisions’ flagship programs during the Olympic Games, this summer. “For the duration of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, France 2 will broadcast every day – from Monday to Sunday – in the second part of the evening an American-style late show, presented by Léa Salamé with Laurent Luyat”announced Stéphane Sitbon-Gomez, director of antennas and programs at France Télévisions in an interview with La Tribune Sunday.

While waiting for the Olympic Games to kick off, if Laurent Luyat will devote himself as every year to Roland-Garros then the Tour de France, Léa Salamé will continue to present Quelle époque, the talk show that she embodies alongside Christophe Dechavanne every Saturday evening on France 2. Hoping not to trigger a new controversy…

Léa Salamé strongly criticized

On April 27, the journalist had indeed offended many viewers. While Artus, who came to talk about his film A little thing in addition, explained that he had given up cigarettes and alcohol, which he considered to be the origin of his anxieties, she could not help but respond to him: “ Ah, you have become boring! » Enough to provoke indignation.

“Fuck you”, Artus replied, deploring a reaction “very French”. “As soon as we say we stop drinking, we become boring, even though it’s good not to drink alcohol,” he confided, regretting that we rightly congratulate a user who stops using cocaine but point the finger at those who stop drinking.

The controversy was such that Léa Salamé made amends this Saturday. “The floodgates, I’ll stop, I’ll leave them to you, she said, pointing to the show’s comedian, Paul de Saint Sernin. I don’t know how to do it, and when you don’t know how to do it, you don’t do it. » And the native of Lebanon continued by explaining that she wanted to make a “joke”, “certainly not an apology for alcohol”. And if Artus called him to regret the extent of the controversy, she explained that she had received tens of thousands of reactions. “It made me think,” she assured, agreeing that she had a reaction that was indeed very “franchouillarde” and that alcohol consumption was a scourge.

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