Laurent Luyat opens up about his new couple!

Laurent Luyat opens up about his new couple!

The presentation of the France Télévisions system for the Olympic Games was an opportunity for Laurent Luyat and Léa Salamé to reveal the main points of the program Quel Jeux which will close each day of the Games.

The Roland-Garros page has just closed, Laurent Luyat can turn to the rest of the program. And the summer menu promises to be particularly busy for the Isérois. Expected on the Tour de France, where he will notably present Vélo-Club after each stage, the star journalist from France Télévisions will then continue with the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Throughout the event, Laurent Luyat will officiate on stage at the end of the day at the relay of Cécile Grès then Mathieu Lartot before joining Léa Salamé to present “What games! », the daily which will close each day of the Games. The two presenters were obviously present on Tuesday for the announcement of the France Télévisions system during the Paris Games, and revealed the outlines of their program.

A shared happiness

Broadcast every evening around 11:15 p.m., “What Games! » will see athletes but also artists parade for two hours on its stage to take stock of the day. Laurent Luyat and Léa Salamé will not be alone to welcome their guests since Paul de Saint-Sernin, who already accompanies the presenter in “What a time! », will also be present, this time on set, as will a group of columnists whose composition should be announced soon.

“I am very happy to present with Léa. We first saw each other over a drink, it went really well, thanks to Cyril Féraud. Then I had the pleasure of being invited to what time not long ago. And then I said to myself it would match with Léa because she is natural, she is spontaneous, she is nice. There you go, I’m really very happy to do this showhe said. It will really be a celebration first and foremost for the athletes, it will be the fireworks of the day. » Visibly shared happiness. “We are happy, we are proud”, indeed underlined his accomplice, who did not fail to pay tribute to Michel Drucker, the godfather of the show, who will be present for the premiere.

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