Laurent Luyat makes his new couple official!

Laurent Luyat deprived of airtime on France Télévisions!

Emblematic presenter of Roland-Garros, Laurent Luyat had to give up his place on Thursday on the terrace of the Philippe-Châtrier court.

Laurent Luyat launched his summer marathon on Sunday. Roland-Garros marks the start of a particularly busy summer for the star presenter of France Télévisions since after the Parisian tournament, he will continue with the Tour de France in July, where he will officiate every day before the start of the stage then on the Vélo-Club plateau, and especially with the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

” I calculate. Until September 8, I have 60 days of live coverage,” he recently told Europe 1. During the Games, the Grenoblois will work hard. Because after having officiated on set from 6:30 p.m. in the relay of Cécile Grès then Matthieu Lartot, the former Progrès will continue at the helm of “Quelle Jeux! » alongside Léa Salamé.

An exception during the Olympics

After only a few days on the terrace of the Philippe-Chatrier court, Laurent Luyat nevertheless left his place to Cécile Grès on Thursday. The reason ? Obligations linked to the labor code or more precisely to the collective agreement for journalists. The native of Chambéry cannot legally work more than six days in a row and therefore had to give up his chair to the presenter of Stage 2.

It will be the same on the Tour de France, where Céline Rousseaux played the luxury joker last summer. On the other hand, it could be different during the Olympic Games. The government has in fact authorized work seven days a week during the Games, or more precisely from July 18 to August 14. This law concerns workers in companies with increased activity during this period, particularly broadcast media.

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