Laure Boulleau, the radical decision

Laure Boulleau, the radical decision

Mother of little Clara since February, Laure Boulleau made a strong decision to preserve her mental health and her private life.

At 37 years old, Laure Boulleau is a fulfilled woman. Mother of little Clara since February 19, the former PSG player seems to be rediscovering life since becoming a mother. “I thought my life was great before becoming a mother, I was fulfilled. But in fact, now that I’m a mother, I wonder how I was able to be fulfilled without being a mother. It’s a crazy thing. The meaning of my life has completely changed”she says in the show Legend.

This new life as a threesome, with the father of her daughter, does not prevent the Canal+ consultant from continuing to carry out her various projects, particularly on television. But today she is even more careful about what she posts on social networks, she who is followed by 840,000 subscribers on Instagram. “Social media makes you a little paranoid. You no longer know where the good or the bad is”says the one who never appears with her famous companion.

Why Laure Boulleau remains discreet about her relationship

“It’s more for peace of mindexplains the former French international. Even before, with my old friends, I never put things on social networks. It never crossed my mind. I think I need this bubble, I need to decompress and I don’t want to share that with people. » Admirers sometimes ruthless with her, like during her pregnancy when many of them suddenly unsubscribed from her account.

“During my pregnancy, I lost 20,000 subscribers. Crazy stuff. I took responsibility for my stomach because I find it pretty. But maybe there are people who don’t like a woman who is pregnant… But clearly I didn’t care.”, assures Laure Boulleau, who has experienced terrible misadventures because of social networks, where she regularly receives insults and death threats. So she made a radical decision to protect herself.

Laure Boulleau insulted and threatened with death

“At the start of social networks, when I was still a player, it wasn’t the same atmosphere. I read everything, I liked responding to people. And then after, in five or six years, we gradually moved into something where there are great messages but also horrible things. And so I made the decision not to read. To no longer read anything, in factshe assures. You can’t just read the good messages because you’re inevitably going to come across the horrible message and that’s all you’re going to remember. »

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