Laure Boulleau targeted by “little blows of p***”

Laure Boulleau targeted by “little blows of p***”

Laure Boulleau spoke of the tense relations in the locker room with certain players jealous of her growing notoriety.

Laure Boulleau played for many years at the highest level before moving to the media side and taking on the role of consultant. Player of Paris Saint-Germain from 2005 to 2018, the former left-back also selected sixty-five times for the French team quickly attracted the attention of spectators, both for her play and for her pretty face. On the lookout for the right opportunity to highlight their products, advertisers spotted the right opportunity and were quick to offer partnership contracts. A double-edged offer for Laure Boulleau.

In front of the cameras of the show “ Clique », broadcast Tuesday on Canal+, the thirty-seven-year-old mother spoke of the jealousies that her notoriety provoked against her, even within the locker room. “ I suffered from jealousy which hurt me so much, between girls. We often say: ‘Women’s environments are so good, it must be hard to only be with men, well I’ll tell you honestly that I feel really good in a slightly more masculine environment. » When asked how this jealousy was expressed, Laure Boulleau responded frankly: “ They were little bitch shots. It was ‘Ah look at her, we don’t understand why she takes photos’. It was just an unhealthy feeling around me. »

“I felt like I was disturbing”

And the former French international continued: “ Fortunately, it wasn’t everyone, I want to say that. I don’t do little Caliméro. I met some great people overall in football, but I felt like I was a nuisance. Really. I felt that I was bothering some people, and especially that it was causing some people to wonder ‘Why her and not me?’ And I didn’t like feeling that way. I wanted people to be happy for me, just as I could have been happy for them if there were opportunities. »

Laure Boulleau then felt the need to justify herself. “ In my place, you wouldn’t say no. You don’t say no to a Nike contract. You don’t say no to photo shoots. The notoriety was still nice, but all the sides that went with it… »

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