Laure Boulleau, radiant for her big premiere

Laure Boulleau, radiant for her big premiere

Laure Boulleau was treated to her very first Mother’s Day as a mom this Sunday. Enough to make her particularly happy.

A well-known face to football fans and Canal+ subscribers, Laure Boulleau had a shocking start to 2024. And for good reason, since the former Paris Saint-Germain and French team player had the great pleasure of becoming a mother for the first time in her life, with the birth of her daughter Clara on March 19. Enough to be entitled to your own Mother’s Day this Sunday.

If the fruit of her love affair with Bruno Cheyrou is obviously too young to offer him anything, not even a noodle necklace or a proper scribble, Laure Boulleau nonetheless celebrated the event in her own right. way, by posting a message on his social networks. Several photos of her and her offspring. Holding her daughter in her arms, the consultant Canal Football Club appeared more radiant than ever.

“My first Mother’s Day as a mom”

In the caption of her various photos, Laure Boulleau added the following words: “ My first Mother’s Day as a mom. I’m so happy. Happy mother day to all mothers. » And the young mother thanked her photographer for “ these magnificent photos “. Many comments flourished to congratulate her for her photos, in particular the former PSG player and Brazilian international, Luana Bertolucci.

While she had been pregnant for a few months already, Laure Boulleau announced the news live, one evening of the Champions League and a match between Newcastle and PSG broadcast on October 4, 2023 on Canal+. On the air until just a few days before giving birth, the former footballer then quickly returned to the air. She should once again be in front of the cameras on Saturday June 1, during the C1 final between Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid.

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