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L1 TV rights: Canal+’s dramatic announcement

Still without a broadcaster five weeks before the start of the championship, Ligue 1 recorded some very worrying news this Monday.

The divorce between the Professional Football League and Canal+ is well and truly complete. And all of French football is suffering. This Monday, while the national body headed by Vincent Labrune has still not found a buyer for the TV rights of Ligue 1 over the period 2024-2029, the Canal group
definitively confirms the end of its collaboration with the LFP.

« Unfortunately, this situation is not a surprise to us. We are often criticized for our frustration, resentment or bitterness, and I understand why, but the issue is mainly economic. “, said Maxime Saada, the director of Canal+, who has never hidden his incomprehension regarding the deal previously concluded between the League and Mediapro, then between the League and Amazon.

No viable solution at this time

Canal+ then felt aggrieved, and the group’s sports strategy shifted to other horizons. Canal+ tried to position itself against Mediapro, then Amazon, and recently with DAZN, to get back into the competition for Ligue 1 rights. The LFP didn’t want us and Canal+ therefore had to devote its resources, which are limited, to other competitions, notably the Champions League. “, explains Maxime Saada to L’Equipe.

And to conclude: ” Therefore, we no longer have the necessary means to intervene in this matter. » Five weeks before the restart, the most complete uncertainty reigns in the allocation of TV rights for L1. The latest offers presented by DAZN or Warner Bros Discovery – to the tune of 400 million euros per year – are obviously not going to satisfy club presidents who have been dangled some 800 million per season. Especially since CVC must recover 20% of the future rights generated (13%, plus a catch-up for the past two years) after having invested 1.5 billion euros to replenish the coffers of French football after the dual Mediapro-Covid 19 crisis.

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