Kazakhstan GP postponed

Kazakhstan GP postponed

Scheduled for June 16, the Kazakhstan Grand Prix has been postponed by the MotoGP organizers, due to the floods hitting the country.

In September 2022, the organizers of the motorcycle world championship signed a five-year contract with Kazakhstan to host a Grand Prix. But this Kazakhstan GP seems to be cursed, since after the 2023 edition canceled due to the non-homologation of the Sokol track, the 2024 edition is postponed following the floods which hit the region. While the Grand Prix was scheduled to take place on June 16, it will take place at a later date.

“Unprecedented weather conditions have caused flooding in Central Asia, leading to a national emergency in Kazakhstan and the displacement of a large part of the population. It would not be responsible for MotoGP to add an additional burden to the authorities or services working to help the tens of thousands of people affected across the country. Sokol International Racetrack will therefore not host MotoGP on the previously announced dates, and any further information will be released as soon as it is confirmed. As a top priority, MotoGP sends its condolences and support to the people of Kazakhstan and all those affected by the floods in Central Asia. We hope that the affected nation, region and communities can recover as quickly as possible,” MotoGP leaders wrote in a statement.

A forced four-week break in June

No less than 40,000 people had to leave their homes due to these floods, the worst that the region has seen in 80 years, which were caused by the swelling of the Ural River following the melting of snow linked to high temperatures and to heavy rain. This is already the second Grand Prix that will not take place on the scheduled date this season.

That of Argentina, scheduled for April 7, had been canceled due to budget cuts made by the new president Javier Milei, the GP relying on significant public financial support. The drivers will therefore be on forced rest between June 2 and 30, dates of the Italian and Dutch Grands Prix.

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