Jonathan Clauss, the huge ball of TF1

Jonathan Clauss, the huge ball of TF1

The TF1 technical teams caused general hilarity during Jonathan Clauss’ post-match interview.

Jonathan Clauss had a very good evening in Metz on Wednesday during the preparation match against Luxebour (3-0). Coming into play in the second half to replace Théo Hernandez, the Olympian defender indeed showed his advantage in a left lane which is not his. Little used in defense, the former Lensois even had the luxury of scoring the Blues’ second goal with a magnificent shot into the top corner.

“This week we played a little game in training, and I said to Youssouf Fofana: ‘Look at how we float’. And I put exactly the same », explained the native of Strasbourg as he enjoyed his second goal for the French team after the one scored in the 14-0 infliction on Gibraltar last November. Jonathan Clauss had a smile and didn’t let it go after the big blunder made by TF1.

General hilarity on set

In the middle of a post-match interview, the TF1 teams wanted to show images of his mother, present in the stands of the Stade Saint-Symphorien for the occasion. Except that the cameramen made a mistake and filmed… the wrong person. “Look at this picture, can you tell us who it is?” »then asked the journalist on the front page, attracting a response: “
Who is that? I have no idea “ which caused general hilarity.

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