Jacques Vendroux, it's over

Jacques Vendroux, it’s over

Journalist at Europe 1 since December 2021, Jacques Vendroux has hosted the show “Europe 1 Sport” since the start of the school year. The Friday version will be permanently discontinued.

After fifty-three years spent Radio France, Jacques Vendroux was gently pushed out. Without waiting, the experienced journalist packed up and pushed open the door.Europe 1 in December 2021. Columnist-editorialist, the great-nephew by marriage of General de Gaulle hosted this season the show “ Europe 1 Sport », broadcast on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But a reorganization desired by the radio management has just sealed the fate of the Friday edition of the program hosted by Jacques Vendroux.

The information was confirmed by The Team who recalled the new guideline desired by the media, namely more information, sometimes to the detriment of other subjects such as sport. It is therefore the septuagenarian who toasts this time with the removal of the Friday slot. However, it keeps its Saturday and Sunday broadcasts, during which it offers interviews and debates around sports news. He will still intervene on Friday as part of “ Europe 1 Evening ».

Busy summer

The program will be directed by Pierre de Vilno from April 29 and will be broadcast Monday to Friday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Enough to further boost the audiences of the station which gained 223,000 more listeners over one year, according to the latest measurements published by Médiamétrie over the period January-March 2024. Jacques Vendroux remains well established at Europe 1 since he is under contract until June 2025 with the media.

This summer, the man who also runs the Variétés Club de France will have the opportunity to talk about football once again since there will be Euro 2024 in which Didier Deschamps’ Blues will participate, then the Olympic tournament which will be contested in a side by the Espoirs of Thierry Henry, and on the other by the Bleues of Hervé Renard. So many little sweets that Jacques Vendroux will delight in (without misdirection).

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