It's over for Argentina

It’s over for Argentina

While the new Argentine government has decided to make significant budget cuts, the holding of the Argentine MotoGP Grand Prix on April 7 is in uncertainty.

Will MotoGP stop in Argentina? While the Termas de Rio Hondo circuit is due to host the third round of the 2024 world championship, the British magazine Autosport reports that doubts are growing regarding the holding of the event on the scheduled date, from April 5 to 7. The crux of the problem would come from the policy applied by President Javier Milei, based on drastic budget cuts which notably imposed the formation of a very tight government.

Constraints which should not fail to affect the subsidies making it possible to finance the organization of the event and, therefore, cause its disappearance from the calendar of 22 Grands Prix unveiled last September. Pending confirmation from the team association (IRTA), some of them take for granted the absence of Argentina from the program for the 2024 season. Consequently, there should be a gap of three weeks between the race scheduled in Portugal on March 24 and the one which will take place at the Circuit of the Americas on April 14.

After Argentina, doubts for Kazakhstan?

On the occasion of the presentation of the calendar for the 2024 season, MotoGP commercial rights holder Dorna Sports announced its choice to place Balaton Park as a reserve circuit. However, the addition of the Hungarian route to the program on the date allocated to Argentina seems unlikely due to the very short deadlines to organize an event of such magnitude in the best possible conditions. A second Grand Prix initially included in the 2024 calendar could be missed. Indeed, according to the British magazine Autosport, several teams have confided that a cancellation of the Kazakhstan Grand Prix, scheduled for June 14 to 16 on the Sokol circuit, could soon be announced. Which would be the second year in a row, work on the route having forced MotoGP to abandon the trip to the former Soviet republic in 2023. It would then remain to be seen whether Hungary will find a place on the calendar from 2024, while the he commitment has been made to organize an event at the Hungaroring from the 2025 season.

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