"It doesn't make sense", Nelson Monfort lets loose on the 2024 Olympics

“It doesn’t make sense”, Nelson Monfort lets loose on the 2024 Olympics

Nelson Monfort, who will be commentating on his last Olympic Games this summer, discusses the organization of Paris 2024.

The Olympic Games, which will take place from July 26 to August 11, are approaching and Nelson Monfort will once again be in the spotlight on France Télévisions. At 71, the sports journalist will experience his last Olympic Games in Paris, the organization of which he does not hesitate to criticize. Particularly in terms of security measures, which he considers excessive.

“In London (in 2012), which is a very big city, the bridges were not closed, there was no QR Code to get home. Those who were going to the Olympics went, those who weren’t going didn’t go. It all went very, very well. There were no monstrous traffic jams like the ones we know (in Paris)”,
he deplores in the program Legend.

Nelson Monfort’s big rant

Nelson Monfort also denounces the introduction of new disciplines such as breaking into the Olympic programme.
“It doesn’t make sense to me.he says.
“To enter a sport is to take another out. Breakdancing is a very good example. It replaced karate, for which we have a champion named (Steven) Da Costa, who is the reigning Olympic champion!”

“I have always tried to understand things and now I don’t understand.continues the France Télévisions commentator. We are replacing an authentic sport with a young Frenchman, an Olympic champion and ready to defend his title, to rejuvenate (the public). But young people, they don’t watch television. So I think it’s a false calculation.”

“And then, well, I mean, I have nothing against breakdancing but it’s still not the 100-meter final, it’s not a marathon. So I find that it’s quite demagogic and that it’s counterproductive.”he concludes. A rant that Steven Da Costa and karate fans undoubtedly share. But it is obviously too late to change the course of these 2024 Olympics.

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