Isabelle Ithurburu, the great emotion

Isabelle Ithurburu, the great emotion

The journalist was touched by the decision of the Paris 2024 Olympic committee to offer the goddaughter of Philousports, a former renowned Twittos, who has now disappeared, to carry the Olympic flame.

It has already been almost three years since Philippe, alias Philousports, died. The man was well known on social networks, and in particular Twitter where he officiated with joy and good humor, commenting on sports news. The one who was then followed by a community of 265,000 people was also appreciated by anonymous people and personalities who had the opportunity to meet him. His premature disappearance in June 2021 also caused Kylian Mbappé and Isabelle Ithurburu to react. The latter also spoke again about her subject.

Or at least she relayed several pieces of information on her own social networks this Tuesday. The journalist specializing in rugby learned and relayed the fact that the goddaughter of Philousports had had the honor of carrying the Olympic flame, in tribute to the Twittos who suffered a heart attack at the age of forty-nine. Isabelle Ithurburu therefore posted videos made by Corse-Matinwith interviews with those close to Philousports, and in particular Chiara Barone, very proud to carry the flame for Bastia.

A friend gone too soon

« I am Chiara Barone, I am the goddaughter of Philousports and I carry the flame in her name. It was his dream to carry the flame, so I’m here for that. He was a sports content creator on Twitter who had hundreds of thousands of followers. I am very touched to carry the flame for him today, it makes me very happy. And I hope he’s proud of me up there. » For each of the messages relayed on her account, Isabelle Ithurburu added heart-shaped emoticons, hands forming a heart.

When Philousports died, the Paloise paid him a beautiful tribute while she was still officiating at the presentation of the “ Canal rugby club “, on Canal+ : « My heart is pounding because I have to do something I’m not used to doing. I wanted to pay tribute and dedicated this show to a friend we hold dear. Philou left us today. We talk a lot about the values ​​of rugby, he won the values ​​championship in all competitions. (…) We will greatly miss your humor and kindness. We think of all the loved ones who accompanied you every day (…), we think of your beloved goddaughter, Chiara, who will miss you very much (…). » The latter will therefore have paid him a superb tribute… Olympic.

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