“He’s stupid, it’s going to be hard…”, Isabelle Ithurburu lets loose on the air

Isabelle Ithurburu, breakup confirmed

Arriving at the head of 50’Inside last summer, Isabelle Ithurburu claims the change made compared to the ways of doing things of her predecessor.

This was to be feared for Isabelle Ithurburu and her teams: 50’Inside hit rock bottom last weekend. The celebrity show played by the former presenter of Canal Rugby Club actually had one of the worst audiences of the season with only 1.71 million viewers on average. Consequence of the good weather which prevailed in France and the reunions with friends or family for this extended weekend.

However, after nine months at the head of the program, Isabelle Ithurburu expressed her satisfaction. “It’s still a little early, but the mayonnaise has set. It wasn’t easy. When I arrived, I was under pressure. Nikos Aliagas is much loved and presented this show for sixteen years. I was a stranger to the regulars, but they are there. Viewers stayed and others joined them”she confided in the columns of TV 7 days.

Isabelle Ithurburu wanted to put her paw

La Paloise nevertheless confirmed that she wanted to put her stamp on the show and break with certain habits adopted by her predecessor. “We allow ourselves to do longer subjects, but it is not systematic. I bring a little more journalistic touch. I’m trying to renew the way of doing interviews on the show. I put aside the iPad, which was Nikos’ idea with the five images to comment on, and I’m running it in a more classic way.she notably underlined.

“I often devote a good hour to the personalities. I know that at the beginning, Karin Viard and Muriel Robin were a little surprised by the time they spent together, even if in the end, I only remember eight or nine minutes, she continued. I’m trying to squeeze out a little time with production, but I know that at this time and on TF1, we can’t broadcast subjects that are too long. On my small scale, I try to offer guests to the channel who are perhaps less known, or less seen. I’m going slowly. »

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