In tears, Matthieu Lartot broke down!

In tears, Matthieu Lartot broke down!

In the middle of a promotional tour for his book “We will not amputate the heart”, Matthieu Lartot succumbed to emotion this weekend on the set of “What a time! “.

Matthieu Lartot was everywhere this weekend on the France Télévisions channels. Firstly, obviously, to comment on the Champions Cup. On the microphone, on Saturday, for the clash between the Stormers and Stade Rochellais, the star public service commentator followed up, on Sunday, with Ernest Wallon for the duel between Stade Toulousain and Racing. And it will be the same next weekend with the UBB-Harlequins match on Saturday and Toulouse-Exeter the next day.

But Matthieu Lartot was also on the set of “What a time! », Saturday evening, to talk about his book “We do not amputate the heart”, released last Thursday. The emotion was also there for the journalist, particularly in the face of the comedian Charlotte Dhenaux, who sent him a magnificent letter, which brought him a few tears.

“You beat the shit out of that big crab”

« Sports journalist and rugby player, drinking or scrum, you appreciate the halfs. The energy of your voice accompanies the exploits. But your modesty will deny your performance. Watching you talk, it almost seems like you’ve just recovered from a common infection. We might even believe, walking alongside you, that you always have both shoes at the end of your legs.” she said, adding: “You beat the shit out of that big crab. It’s well done for him, he shouldn’t have asked for a discount. I at least hope he learned his lesson. That will teach him to beg for ransom. You wrote it in your book as a manual: “being combative does not mean refusing to see reality”. Because what we think is the ugliest in life sublimates those who have faith in your philosophy. »

“You wanted to be on your feet for the World Cup. So you stood up and said, “Yours, Cognacq-Jay. I dream of you as an internship supervisor, you’re a killer. I will make a good report that will not amputate the heart”, she concluded before going to give the star presenter of Stage 2 a hug and a selfie. “She managed to move you. It was pretty, wasn’t it? “, Léa Salamé could well ask him after this sequence, Matthieu Lartot answering: “Like what Charlotte is. »

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