“I’m fed up”, Mohamed Bouhafsi breaks down in front of Anne-Elisaberth Lemoine

“I’m fed up”, Mohamed Bouhafsi breaks down in front of Anne-Elisaberth Lemoine

The former RMC journalist gave a moving testimony on the increase in racist insults received over several days.

The victory of the National Rally on June 9 in the European elections visibly “freed speech”. For three weeks, the racists have been having a field day, as evidenced by the recent testimony of Karim Rissouli, who received a racist letter at his home saying that “the historic French people have had their asses full of all these bicots”.

But the presenter of C ce soir is not the only journalist to be targeted by insults. The same is true of Mohamed Bouhafsi, the former transfer specialist at RMC, now a columnist at C à vous, and who regularly receives “dirty Arab” or “dirty scum”.

“I have been doubting whether to broadcast these images for ten days. It’s been ten days since I said to myself: ‘Do I show them? Am I going to give light to these people?’, testified on the set of C à vous the one who recently made a documentary on racism in stadiums.
When I hear on certain sets that there is no freedom to speak, it touches me because these are continuous messages since June 9 which arrive four to five times a day. Before, it happened once a month… I had never experienced that. It’s quite unpleasant and it’s also unpleasant for our loved ones who receive it, I think in particular of my mother and my sister and we say to ourselves: ‘For what ? »

” It is unacceptable “

« I would like people to stop essentializing me based on my first name or my last name or my supposed origin or my supposed religion, he continued, moved. I’m tired of being told: ‘You’re a jerk, you’re a Muslim, a dirty Arab’. Who knows my life? Who knows in the evening when I come home what my values ​​are, what my origins are, what my religion is? I would like to be essentialized as a French journalist. Stop bringing me back to this Arab side. I am a French journalist, citizen, that’s everything and nothing else. It’s quite upsetting to say to ourselves that we fight every day to unite people and to eat that on a daily basis and we’re not made for that and we don’t get up in the morning for that. »

The testimony of the recent recipient of the Legion of Honor did not leave Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine unmoved. This is unacceptable and all our support, the support of the team for Mohamed, for all the France Télévisions journalists who are the target, but also for all French people who could encounter these unbearable situations. she whispered.

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