“I was at the end of my rope”, the suffering of Laure Boulleau

“I was at the end of my rope”, the suffering of Laure Boulleau

Today a flagship consultant for Canal+, Laure Boulleau has had a rich football career. But the end of this experience was very complicated.

Before playing a major role in Canal Football Club during the Champions League evenings broadcast on the encrypted channel, Laure Boulleau was a high-level footballer. Executive of Paris Saint-Germain and the French team, the native of Clermont-Ferrand may not have won many titles, but her consistency and her work have allowed her to establish herself over the seasons. But after fifteen years on the field, the left-back decided to put his crampons and jersey away for good. A decision made for a very specific reason.

And if she had never spoken too much on the subject, Laure Boulleau did so as part of the show “ Clique », broadcast Tuesday on Canal+when answering a question about his “ mental scars ». « My mind, my head, is what made me stop playing football, even more than my body. When your body is fed up, you get up in the morning, you say to yourself, ‘Where do I hurt?’, so it’s not very pleasant. I had lost that side where you tell yourself when you’re little, you’re going to play football, you don’t hurt anywhere, you’re ‘fresh’. At one point, I was really in pain, but I think it was really related to the knots I was making in my brain. »

The lump in the stomach

Tired nervously and mentally by so many years of demands to perform at the highest level, Laure Boulleau ended up breaking down, in an environment that was increasingly difficult for her. Anxieties. Living in a community. I know that you can’t get along with everyone, and I had this desire to be loved by everyone, I don’t know why. (…) So, as soon as I felt that someone didn’t love me, it put a lump in my stomach (…). When there was tension, even if I wasn’t concerned, I felt that it affected me. I really was a sponge. (…) But it’s true that it made me nervous. »

And the young mother concludes on the subject: “ I had real psychological suffering to keep this intensity at a very high level. I was at the end of my rope. » Laure Boulleau finally recognized that she had been able to benefit from the support of those around her, her family, her friends, and her now deceased agent, to overcome the delicate moments.

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