“I am sad”, the great dismay of France Pierron

“I am sad”, the great dismay of France Pierron

Upon learning that Rafael Nadal inherited Alexander Zverev in the first round of Roland-Garros, France Pierron saw his hopes crumble.

His fourteen titles at Roland-Garros will not have granted him any privileges. Uncertain for a long time, Rafael Nadal finally confirmed that he would participate a new (and last?) time at the Grand Slam at Porte d’Auteuil. And the draw made on Thursday was not in his favor. Very far from it, even, because the Spaniard inherited Alexander Zverev in the first round. And given the precarious form he has displayed since the start of the season, Rafael Nadal is now in great danger of leaving his favorite tournament very prematurely. Enough to provoke sadness and anger in some.

Among them, France Pierron spoke of her dismay. Obviously a big supporter of the 276th in the world, the channel’s journalist The Team broke into a long tirade. “ I’m desperate. I’m as sad as stones and cheered up like cuckoo by this draw, because it’s Rafa’s last tournament, we knew it, and there in the first round, he is ranked number four in the world. We know it’s over, with all the hope and beliefs we have towards the Mallorcan, Zverev is not going to do him any favors. »

“I’m not going to say we should have fixed the draw, but…”

Aware of the reality, the observer added with a certain lucidity: “ I didn’t expect him to win, I didn’t expect him to go to the semi-finals, I expected him to make at least one match, two matches, three matches …Maybe a second week. There, I don’t even see how he could score even one set. I sincerely hope I’m wrong. »And France Pierron expresses her regrets in her own way. “ I’m not going to say that we should have fixed the draw, that’s not what I’m saying even if I think about it a little, but I don’t understand how we couldn’t protect a little status of idol, legend. »

According to the journalist, the scenario of what will happen in the stands is also written in advance: “ There will be goodbyes. The public will be for him. Everyone is going to be against Zverev. Everyone will boo Zverev and everyone will love Nadal. (…) I am as sad as stones. The end of Nadal, it’s going to be a first round, a poor Sunday or Monday of the first week at 2 p.m. » The sad scenario seems already written. But wouldn’t Rafael Nadal be capable, carried by an entire audience, of creating a surprise?

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