Huge thunderclap at France Télévisions?

Huge thunderclap at France Télévisions?

While the League is struggling to complete the TV rights file, France Télévisions would be ready to join in the dance.

The Ligue 1 season is coming to an end and the identity of the championship broadcasters from next season remains unknown. Six months after the launch of the call for tenders, the TV rights file is still at an impasse. If beIN Sports is in pole position to get its hands on Ligue 1 broadcasting rights for the next four years, the Qatari group is awaiting certain guarantees from Canal+.

But other players are in discussions with the League concerning the other lots. TF1 is eyeing the rights for the Sunday morning magazine, determined to strengthen Téléfoot, which has been in great difficulty for several years. And according to RMC Sport, France Télévisions would consider positioning itself on one of the lots.

France TV waiting

The public service would be interested in lot 5 relating to the weekday magazine. Thanks to these rights, France Télévisions could strengthen its program “Tout le sport”, unless the group led by Delphine Ernotte prefers to create a full-fledged program on the championship.

Still according to RMC, the leaders of France Télévisions have not yet gone on the offensive and are waiting “to know the progress of the Blues in the Olympic Games”. A premature elimination of Thierry Henry’s men would indeed allow the public service to make substantial savings, which would free up “free up a substantial budget which could be quickly reinvested elsewhere”.

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