Big controversy for France Télévisions

Historic scandal denounced on France Télévisions on the Tour!

The 8th stage leading to Colombey-les-deux-Eglises caused a reaction. Not for the spectacle offered by the peloton but for some of the comments from Franck Ferrand, the history buff at France Télévisions.

The day after the first time trial and the battle between the big guns and before the highly anticipated stage of the white paths around Troyes, the 8th stage of the Tour de France on Saturday was once again devoted to the sprinters. This time, while the leaders were recharging their batteries, one adventurer nevertheless stood out: Jonas Abrahamsen launched into an insane escape, building up a lead of up to 6 minutes before being caught about fifteen kilometers from the finish.

However, the stage was not very spectacular and France Télévisions had probably felt the blow by calling a second Mister History alongside Franck Ferrand, who has held this role for eight years. And not just any Mister History since this Saturday marked the great return of Jean-Paul Ollivier behind the microphone. And “Paulo la science” is not only the encyclopedia of cycling but also a great specialist in General de Gaulle. The arrival of the Grande Boucle in Colombey-les-deux-Eglises was therefore the opportunity to hear the man who officiated for more than three decades in the commentary of the Tour.

The indignation of historians

The reception from viewers was mixed on social media. However, many of them regretted it, preferring it to Franck Ferrand. The latter got away with a new wave of harsh criticism.

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