“He wanted to kill me”, the frightening story of an attack outside your home

“He wanted to kill me”, the frightening story of an attack outside your home

Returning to the air on Thursday, eight days after the terrible attack of which he was the victim, Olivier Ménard has no doubt about the intentions of his attacker.

It was recovery day for Olivier Ménard, Thursday. A very special return to school for the presenter of La Chaîne L’Equipe. The journalist made his comeback just eight days after being the victim of a violent attack outside his home.

As soon as he went on air on the Evening Team set, Olivier Ménard first thanked the viewers for the countless signs of support received. “The best remedy for the blows I received is your love so it’s up to me to tell you now. Thank you very much, I love you and kiss you! “, he said before rolling out the program for the evening.

“You spoke badly to (about) my mother”

A little earlier, he returned to the L’Equipe website about his attack, wanting to be reassuring. “I have never had any psychological repercussions, what we call post-traumatic shock. Physically, I have pain in my knee and doubts about the ligaments which may have moved. I haven’t broken anything, that’s the main thing.”he confided.

The attacker, however, showed rare violence during the three minutes that his ordeal lasted after falling on him with “lefts and rights in their faces”. “My attacker wanted to kill me, he assured. At one point, he walks a little behind me and wants to guillotine me, break my cervical vertebrae. There, doing sports every day helped me a lot. I manage to control his strength, to counter him. »

While the investigation continues, Olivier Ménard hopes one day to know the motivations of his attacker. “ You spoke badly to my mother or of my mother”, he would have said to him during the attack, the journalist not believing that it had anything to do with the show he presents every evening. ” I do not think so. He never said Mémé and he never referred to the L’Équipe channel, nor to the show, nor to a debate that we could have had, he further indicated. So, I would like to see this gentleman again, to be confronted with him: “Now, explain to me! » Since the attack, I have had the little bike spinning in my head. »

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