Hamilton 'at peace' with Abu Dhabi 2021

Hamilton ‘at peace’ with Abu Dhabi 2021

If he still considers having been “robbed” of the world champion title in 2021, Lewis Hamilton assures that this moment will remain significant in his career and to be “at peace with it”.

Lewis Hamilton hasn’t completely digested it but he wants to deal with it. A little over two years ago, during the final round of the 2021 Formula 1 season, the Briton saw an eighth world championship title slip away from him on the last lap. An Abu Dhabi Grand Prix which will be remembered because of the controversy it aroused, in particular because of the decisions of the race management. “ Have I been robbed? Obviously “, confided the Mercedes driver in an interview with the magazine GQ.

But, if there is always pain linked to this moment, Lewis Hamilton prefers to take the positive from it. “What was really beautiful about this moment, what I took away from it, was that my father was with me,” he confided. And we have been through this roller coaster of life together, with ups and downs. The day it hurt the most, he was there, and the way he raised me was to always stand with my head held high. » Lewis Hamilton also remembers that, despite the circumstances, he made the gesture of congratulating Max Verstappen for his first world title.

“I’m at peace with that”

« I didn’t realize the consequences this would have but I was definitely aware of a mini-me watching “, he added on this subject. The future Ferrari driver readily admits that what happened after the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was “the defining moment” of his life. “I didn’t know how it was going to be perceived. It’s as if I hadn’t visualized it. But I was really aware of that, these 50 meters that I was going to walk were going to see me fall and die, or get up again. » Nevertheless, the loss of a title which would have further established him in the legend of Formula 1 is still present, although lessened with the passage of time.

« If I see pictures, I still feel ithe confided. But I’m at peace with it. » Added to this are Mercedes’ difficulties since the entry into force of the new technical regulations in 2022, which has not won a Grand Prix in the last two seasons. ” I realized that It’s not easy to identify with someone who always finishes first, he confided philosophically. It’s inspiring. » While Mercedes has been in difficulty since the start of the season, the arrival within the Scuderia in 2025 could be an opportunity to return to the top for Lewis Hamilton.

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