Guillaume Canet with Laure Manaudou, the shock announcement

Guillaume Canet with Laure Manaudou, the shock announcement

Like the former swimmer, who will officiate in the swimming events, Guillaume Canet will be a consultant for France Télévisions during the Olympic Games on horse riding.

The list was too long to list. But, on Tuesday, during the presentation of the France Télévisions system, Laurent-Eric le Lay announced the presence of 82 consultants alongside journalists to comment on the events of the Olympic Games. The names mentioned looked good since Tony Parker, Laurent Tillie, Jérôme Fernandez, Brahim Asloum, Vincent Clerc, Camille Lacourt and Marie-José Pérec will be part of the adventure.

Swimming will also be able to count on Laure Manaudou, who is indeed making her comeback behind the microphones, eight years after the Rio Olympic Games. But another big name from the Arcachon Basin must also be added to this prestigious list. According to Tele-LeisureGuillaume Canet will in fact officiate during the Games over the horse riding competitions.

Present for the finals

The actor and director will speak with knowledge of the facts since he is also a skilled rider as evidenced by certain scenes in the film “Jappeloup” in which he played the role of Pierre Durand. Guillaume Canet, who has recently returned to competition by participating in various show jumping competitions, will officiate alongside Jean-Baptiste Marteau and rider Virginie Coupérie-Eiffel.

“He can’t be there every day because he’s filming a film at the same time. He told me again yesterday on the phone that he would be there for the eventing and show jumping finals. said the journalist. This overloaded schedule seemed to be the only obstacle to his presence.
“If I can, it will be with pleasure because it will be an incredible moment, he confided this winter. But I don’t know if I will be around at that time, in relation to my professional commitments. »

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