Grégoire Margotton, the macabre nickname he had at school

Grégoire Margotton, the macabre nickname he had at school

Commenting on the Austria-France match with Bixente Lizarazu, Monday evening on TF1, Grégoire Margotton was not always comfortable on the microphone.

It’s the big day for the French team! Three days after the opening match of this Euro 2024 between Germany and Scotland, the Blues make their debut in the competition against Austria, Monday evening in Düsseldorf. This meeting of Group D will be broadcast on TF1 (from 9 p.m.), with the duo composed of Grégoire Margotton and Bixente Lizarazu on commentary. A tandem which has been collaborating on the first channel since 2016 and which has found its feet.

But if over the course of the matches the two men developed a real bond, on the air as well as away from the cameras, the 54-year-old journalist had to force his nature to be completely comfortable on the microphone. “You have to be able to open your chakrasexplains Grégoire Margotton, guest last Sunday on the show
C Media on France 5. I’ve always been an introvert, I never wanted to do television so it’s complicated to get there all these years. »

Grégoire Margotton had a “voice from beyond the grave”

You have to go back to his studies at journalism school to understand to what extent the person who presents the Sunday show
Téléfoot was not intended for such media exposure. At the time, his classmates gave him the nickname “Tele Funeral Services” because of that “voice from beyond the grave”, he himself admits, on France Bleu in 2021. “Which says that I come from far away and that I was not made for this”he smiles today.

“But from the moment I don’t look at a camera, put on headphones and tell a story, I no longer even imagine that I’m talking to five people or thirty million. There, I’m happy and I can be a little more myselfhe appreciates. I got there little by little thanks to Bixente, to the Blues, to their journey in 2018, to Benjamin Pavard… From that moment on, we both opened up and took a deep breath. » Viewers appreciate it.

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