Grégoire Margotton ready to leave TF1?  The big announcement

Grégoire Margotton ready to leave TF1? The big announcement

Guest on the show C Médiatique, broadcast Sunday on France 5, Grégoire Margotton made a big announcement about his future.

He has been the voice of the Blues since 2016 on TF1. At 54, Grégoire Margotton forms with Bixente Lizarazu the most exposed duo of sports commentators in the French audiovisual landscape. And his interventions will be listened to again by several million viewers this summer, during Euro 2024 (from June 14 to July 14 in Germany). A competition which will necessarily be special for him and his world champion partner, since the next big event for the French team, the 2026 World Cup, will be broadcast on M6.

Could this make the former Canal+ journalist want to join the competition, in order to continue to follow the French selection? « No, that doesn’t mean that at allhe replies, in the show C Media broadcast Sunday on France 5. Until then all the Blues’ matches, even qualifying matches, will be on TF1. We’ll see. 2026 is a long way off, but I won’t be on M6, that’s the only thing I can tell you today. I’m very good where I am. » Good news for TF1, unless Grégoire Margotton’s future is more… on the radio.

Grégoire Margotton says no to M6 but…

Director of the sports department at Radio France, Nathalie Iannetta does not hide her admiration for the man she knew at Canal+. “Grégoire has all the qualities you need to comment on a matchshe appreciates. First of all, a seriousness in preparation and upstream like I have rarely seen. He has a little psychopathic autistic side from prep school. Then the voice, he has an exceptional range. And then instinct. Greg is one of those very rare commentators – I think there are two or three with this talent – ​​who comes out with the right sentence at the right time. »

And to add: “I think where he is best is athletics. To be honest, I would have loved to poach him to do the Games here, at Radio France, with me. I would have loved to hear him comment on athletics in Paris. » This will not happen, but Grégoire Margotton would not have said no.
“I would have loved it too, he recognizes. But things get done or don’t get done, sometimes. » It may only be a postponement for the presenter of
Téléfoot who, when he started on Canal+, commented on other sports before establishing himself on the screens of football fans.

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