“Going out in your pants…”, the confidence of Laure Boulleau

“Going out in your pants…”, the confidence of Laure Boulleau

Former PSG and flagship consultant for Canal+, Laure Boulleau indulged in some sartorial confidences.

Since she hung up her crampons to put on the costume of a consultant, Laure Boulleau has seen her notoriety progress. A former Paris Saint-Germain player, the one who also wore the French team jersey perfectly succeeded in her end-of-career turn by getting behind the microphone. Already present on the set of “ Canal Football Club », the mother multiplies the experiences on the encrypted channel and is currently a juror of the show “ At the microphone ! A new voice for football », broadcast every Wednesday at 11:15 p.m. Which does not prevent him from sometimes responding to certain other requests.

And this was the case with the site Elle.fr which offered to talk about her tastes in clothing, during a brief interview. In this short format posted online on Tuesday on the media’s social networks (and relayed by the former footballer), Laure Boulleau answered a few questions, such as how she would describe her style: “ I would say, sporty chic… I just invented it (smile). I like the clothes though. You just have to come into my dressing room to understand that I love to dress and change. It’s like my haircuts, it changes every weekend. »

“We can’t love everything”

And Bruno Cheyrou’s partner reveals the name of a personality who inspires her in terms of fashion. “ Zendaya. So for her, I look at everything down to the sock she’s wearing. No, I love it. » Admitting that his favorite fashion piece was “ either the high-top sneaker, a small Jordan or a Converse, or (his) Jimmy Choo Chelsea boots », Laure Boulleau also admitted that she did not understand a certain trend.

« I’m not too no pants (without pants, editor’s note), What. Clearly! I find something missing. The pants, I think, were created for a good reason. It’s true that going out in underwear doesn’t seem very classy to me. But then… It’s fashion. You can’t love everything. » This is what is said.

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