France Télévisions, the huge rant

France Télévisions, the huge rant

Viewers of France Télévisions, broadcaster of Roland-Garros, expressed their anger on social networks.

Historical broadcaster of the Roland-Garros tournament, the France Télévisons group arouses the annoyance of certain tennis fans. On France 2 this Friday at the start of the afternoon.

“France TV, pure geniuses. They keep us alive on France 4 Danilovic-Vekic until the start of the tie-break of an exciting 3rd set. Then the antenna switches to France 2, where the outcome of the match is completely hidden, in favor of chatter on set. Great art »railed the Internet user.

“France 2 doesn’t even give the result”

And to add: “Knowing that in the end, Danilovic, coming out of the qualifiers, creates the feat and qualifies 10-8 in the super tie break. But we will never see that. And France 2 doesn’t even give the result. An hour later (!), they finally showed us the match ball. Speaking of “a real feat.” » So a real feat, on which you were live, but which you skipped at its crucial moment (and, once again, for on-set chatter. »

We can still specify that the match between Danilovic and Vekic (0-6, 7-6, 7-6) was available in full on the France TV application and on the group’s website.

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