France Télévisions: Marie Portolano, it's over

France Télévisions: Marie Portolano, it’s over

While she had been hosting the Télématin show with Thomas Sotto for less than a year, Marie Portolano decided to make a fresh start.

New start for Marie Portolano! One year after the official announcement of her arrival at France Télévisions, from M6, the former co-presenter of the Canal Football Club changes teams. If she remains within the public audiovisual group, the 38-year-old journalist leaves the show Telematinwhich she has hosted since the start of the school year with Thomas Sotto, according to The Parisian.

“Marie Portolano expressed to us the wish to evolve professionally”explained Alexandre Kara, the news director of France Télévisions. The partner of actor Grégoire Ludig is no longer on the air since she is on maternity leave and expecting her third child, with journalist Emilie Tran Nguyen taking over as interim before her replacement is recruited.

Marie Portolano replaced by Flavie Flament

A replacement has already been found. Starting next September, it is indeed Flavie Flament, the former star presenter of TF1, who will take over. While her return to the France 2 morning program was planned for February 2025, Marie Portolano preferred to give up due to the restrictive schedule of the show, indicates the daily The Parisian.

But the former Canal+ journalist is already working
“on several projects for his return”, the newspaper specifies. This announcement does not therefore seem to be linked to the criticisms of several collaborators and ex-collaborators of Telematin
who, in a survey published in Teleramacomplain about the behavior of Thomas Sotto, accused of spreading terror among the morning team.

When questioned, Marie Portolano defended her “a man crazy about work” et “ultra rigorous”.
“The show is not the same: when he is there, there is no hitch”she assured. Their couple would not have lasted more than ten months. “Thomas Sotto had warned meshe confided at the beginning of 2024 in Télé 7 Jours. After the euphoria of the first few weeks, it’s tough! Waking up is getting more and more painful.

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